Blue Lady

Blue Lady

75 x 105 x 120cm
29.4” x 41.3” x 47.2”
Bronze No. in Series 7

Ellen, the Swedish girl who modelled for this sculpture was not just a beautiful person in every way but an accomplished dress designer and seamstress.

In fact, she designed and wore the dress which was cast in bronze as part of this sculpture.

Blue Lady closeup

We spent more than a year making the original piece in wax at my studio in Via Luna, Florence. During that time we shared many stories about Sweden where I had lived for a year, and Florence where she had spent seven years.

Blue Lady Back
Blue Lady front

As one might imagine, as an exotic Scandinavian, Ellen was very popular with the local boys, and had many suitors.

I saw this bunch of rusty keys in Mercato Sant’Ambrogio in Florence, and thought of Ellen, trying to choose with her heart, but feeling at a loss.

Blue Lady Hand Detail
Blue Lady Detail

Hence; “Blue Lady”

Blue Lady Face