Seven Veils

Seven Veils (M)

Dimensions: 1m high (3’ 3”)

One of the most famous and beautiful dancers in Paris during the First World War. Mata-Hari performed “The Dance of The Seven Veils”, first for the French troops, then for the German troops as the battlefront moved.

She was later accused of swapping war secrets in bed, while she slept with generals on both sides...
She had lost her husband and two children, and now her family disowned her as a collaborator.

In fact she was an innocent scapegoat, but Mata-Hari was executed by a French firing squad in 1918.

Seven Veils Closeup
Seven Veils Back

This scaled down version of a lifesize sculpture captures Mata- Hari in the crosshairs between Life and Death, escaping from a world which had brought her great success and terrible tragedy.